The Friends

Who are the Friends?

Every parent or carer of any child attending the school automatically becomes a member of the Friends of St Joseph's School, which is our Parent/Teacher Association. All families receive regular newsletters in bookbags about what we are planning to do, and we also have our own Facebook page where parents can share news and views. The dates and minutes of all our meetings are displayed on the notice board in the playground.

We run a variety of fun fundraising events during each school year, including our '100 Club' lottery, cake sales, discos, Summer & Christmas Fairs, an Easter Bonnet Parade, and also we offer refreshments at Achievements Assemblies and similar events. Fund raising is partly about the children having a good time and partly about raising money for 'add-ons' to enhance the school environment. For example, we have contributed to a new Reading Scheme, helped with gardening maintenance for the school grounds, given commemorative Jubilee medals to every child and provided 'memory book' gifts for the Year 6 Leavers.

We actively encourage parents to get involved in the PTA by offering their time, support or fresh ideas. Our meetings are held either straight after school pick-up (with children), or occasionally in the Highweek Inn (without children!)

Please look out for the time and date of the next meeting - you are very welcome to join us and make our school an even better place.