The aims of handwriting are legibilityspeed and development of a personal hand. Good handwriting builds confidence in children by helping them to develop a sense of pride in their in their written work, it assists the flow of creative ideas and can become an art form in its own right.

Teachers teach the agreed cursive writing style and encourage pupils to develop a fluent legible style from the early stages of handwriting development.

All staff model the agreed style consistently across the school and children are given opportunities to practise and develop their joined handwriting style.

It is a requirement that Year One, Two and Three pupils receive intensive instruction in the development of the cursive style. By Year Six it is anticipated that pupils will be competent in the formation of and joining of letters. EYFS and Year 1 teachers should model mainly printed, however in Year 1 examples of joined writing should be used. Year2 should model both printed and joined as appropriate.



The majority of children will progress from writing in pencil to writing in pen by the end of Year Three. This will be marked with the presentation of a ‘Pen Licence 1’.

Children are expected to write in blue ink using a school fountain pen when they have developed a fluent and competent hand using a handwriting pen. This will be marked by the presentation of ‘Pen Licence 2’. Pens designed for left-handed pupils are provided.

Here are some resources to download for use at home.