Active Travel

Active Travel

At St. Joseph’s we encourage our school community to walk, bike and scoot to school whenever possible. We promote active travel throughout the year and take part in local and national events (and have even won several prizes in the past). We have also created a 5-minute walk map for our pupils and families to use (see below).

Aims of Active Travel:

  • To encourage healthier lifestyles.
  • Improve safety for pedestrians on their journey to school.
  • To reduce congestion outside and around our school.
  • To reduce carbon emissions in Newton Abbot.

 Some benefits of active travel include:

  • Being active on the way to school helps to wake up pupils, making them more alert in the classroom;
  • It is recommended that pupils have  at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day so the journey to and from school is a great way to knock off some of those minutes.
  • Walking / scooting and cycling to school are great ways to help pupils become familiar with their local environment;
  • Walking, scooting and cycling helps improve air quality and the local environment around their schools by removing the number of cars around the school gate;
  • Reducing car use and congestion around the school gates increases pupil safety and reduces harmful toxic fumes.

To help promote active travel, parents and carers can:

  • Encourage pupils to travel to school actively whenever possible.
  • Encourage pupils to take part in opportunities and events in school, including developing skills.
  • Consider walking, cycling or scooting to school with the children, or meeting other families to come to school together.
  • Provide equipment such as helmets or hi-vis/reflective clothing where appropriate. As a school we are supporting active travel by:
  • Continuing to participate in events promoting active travel.
  • Offering assemblies regarding safety and workshops to develop skills.
  • Developing plans for new bike and scooter storage.
  • Working with the school council, pupils and families to continue to improve active travel opportunities.

Some of the work in the School Council included creating a 5-minute walk map. Click on the link below to download yours now!

Our Travel Champion in school is Miss Hannaford. If you have any questions or are interested in supporting active travel in school, please pop in and see her, or leave a message at reception.

St Joseph’s School is Legging it to Lapland! 

St Joseph’s School is working with sustainable transport charity Sustrans to help reduce traffic congestion and pollution around the school gate by encouraging as many pupils as possible to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of coming in a car.

As part of this schools project, we are entering their Leg it to Lapland winter challenge – clocking up virtual miles on our journey to Lapland. The challenge runs from November 26th to December 7th. The winning school will be the one with the highest average proportion of active journeys (made on foot or non-motorised wheels) per pupil.

There are some great prizes to choose from, including a demonstration from Andrei Burton, the UK’s premier mountain bike trials rider, a mountain bike skills day for up to 40 children and 8 x cycle helmets for the school.

Please help us to win by making a special effort to walk your children to school or allow them to cycle or scoot. If you’ve no choice but to drive, why not park at least 5 minutes away and walk the rest of the way? Or drop off your child with a friend who walks to school and let them walk in together? Look out for your child’s Leg it to Lapland ‘passport’ and some special activities in school to help boost those miles.

Thank you for your support!