New morning routine

7th October 2016

Dear Parents/ Carers

As I referred to in recent newsletters the staff have been working hard to review the school’s Behaviour Policy. Next week we will discuss the policy with children so that they have a clear understanding of the revised policy. The policy will also be available for parents on the new school website by the end of the week.

 As part of this work staff have been considering how the school day can be adapted to ensure that it supports a smooth transition into learning with minimal learning time wasted. As a consequence, we are to trial a different start to the school day. (Please note the school day still starts at 9 am and the school will still be responsible for supervision of children from 8.45 am)

The changes mean that from Tuesday 11th October:

School gates will open at 8.35 am

Classrooms will be open at 8.45 am and as children arrive at school they should make their way straight into class. Morning work will be provided for the children to engage in learning at the very start of the day ensuring an efficient and purposeful transition into the school day. This may be work that needs finishing off, consolidation work or some other activity provided by the class teacher.


Please remember that we are always working to build the children's independence and encourage them to take their own coats off and look after their own book bags etc. However, parents are welcome to come into class and settle their children and support them with their morning work as long as they leave the classroom by 8.55 am.  Registration is completed promptly at 9am and parents need to leave the premises before the school gate is locked just after 9 am.

A few of the children are arriving at school too early. It is great to see such enthusiasm for school, but please remember that no child should be on school premises without an adult before 8.45 am as that is when supervision by school staff begins. Before that time the supervision of children is the responsibility of their parents/ carers.