About Plymouth CAST

Plymouth CAST (Catholic and Anglican Schools Trust)

Our School is one of thirty-six schools within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. The Trustees of the Diocese made a decision to convert all Diocesan Schools into a multi academy trust, meaning that some of our support services will be centralised and that we have left LA control.

Our school became a member of the Plymouth Catholic Anglican Schools Trust in April 2014. This arrangement removed our school from the Local Authority and our voluntary aided status has been replaced by Academy status. The Multi Academy Trust is overseen by a Board made up of Diocesan officials, trustees, and Head Teachers. This is an exciting development for our schools and will help to ensure that the Catholic mission is retained and developed. The fundamental ethos and the organisation of our school remains the same. Because the change offers greater financial stability for all schools within the Academy trust, the work of the school continues uninterrupted.

Financial Information

The funding agreement is the contract between the Secretary of State and the academy that sets out the terms on which the academy is funded. The Funding Agreement specifies how the academy is run, its duties and the powers the Secretary of State has over the academy. The Funding Agreement is the method by which academies are held accountable to the Department for Education. In places the Funding Agreement makes specific references to existing legislation to ensure that academies operate in a similar fashion to other state funded-schools and that there is parity between academies and other state schools. Funding Agreements are not static and may be updated as the law and policy relating to academies changes.