Attendance and Punctuality

We believe that good attendance is key to good learning outcomes.


We do not authorise term time holidays, unless the circumstances are exceptional. You will need to submit an absence request form, available below.


As part of our Attendance Policy, we identify children whose attendance is a cause for concern or celebration.


In the event that a child’s attendance is a cause for ongoing concern, letters are sent to parents to alert them to the need for an improvement in their child’s attendance. The schools Attendance Officer monitors attendance and works with families to make improvements.

Please click the link below to download our Attendance/Punctuality Policy.



In recent years, there have been a number of cases reported in the press, where a child was missing from school for a significant amount of time with tragic consequences. As a result, the school reviewed its procedures for unauthorised absence which are detailed below.


The school operates a first day contact policy as follows:

  •          Parents alert school of absence by phone or in person at the office. These are logged by the school admin team on SIMS.
  •          Teachers complete registers.
  •          The Admin Team check absent children on the registers against the reported absence answer phone to determine children whose parents have not reported their absence.
  •          The Admin Team will telephone the parents. Reasons for absence will be recorded on SIMS.
  •          If the Admin Team can’t get through, a message will be left to telephone school by 10.00am. If no contact can be established by 10.00am this will be entered on SIMS.
  •          A Safeguarding concern will be logged and discussed with the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  •          The school will assess each individual case and, if necessary, arrange for somebody to attend the house to see if the child can be located.
  •          A record will be made of any such visit and determine if further action is required.
  •          If we still cannot make contact to ascertain why the child is absent, we will ring the PCSO or escalate to the police.

It is your responsibility to let the school know if your child is absent. Please ring the school before 9.00am and leave a message on the answerphone or speak to the Admin Team. This needs to be done on each day of absence. Please ensure that the contact details we have on our records are up-to-date and include more than one contact. It is important that phone calls from school are not missed.

The safety of our children and their families is of paramount importance to us. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.