In the event of severe weather preventing the complete opening of the School, local radio stations (Gemini 96.4FM and Radio Devon 103.4FM) will broadcast continuous information. 

Snow during the day.

If there is substantial snow fall (or very severe weather conditions) during the day, then we will contact you to collect children early from school. This will be counted as authorised absence. Staff from outlying areas may need to leave promptly or early, even if there is no snowfall in Newton Abbot. Although under these circumstances we would be able to temporarily accommodate children until the end of day, we would ask that parents relieve the pressure from the school by coming early for the children when contacted. Clubs, including after school club, would be cancelled.

Pre-School Unit

Pre-School will contact all parents of children due to attend Pre-School on the day, should they have to make the decision to close the unit. Even if the school is open, they may need to close the unit if not enough staff are able to get in. 

Emergency contact information.

It is essential that this is kept up to date so that under these or similar circumstances we can contact you.

Accidents unfortunately do happen from time to time. Several nominated members of staff are fully qualified to administer First Aid in an emergency. Parents/Carers will be informed of any head bumps. If the child is very distressed parents will be contacted so that a child can be taken home. In cases of more serious accidents parents and the emergency services will be called if necessary.

It is extremely important that parents inform the school if there is any change in address or mobile, home or daytime contact telephone number so that we may contact you quickly in case of emergency.