Pupil Chaplains

How do you become a Pupil Chaplain?
In 2019, the first GIFT team went to a special commissioning service at Buckfast Abbey led by Bishop Mark. Covid made it tricky for the GIFT team to get in and out of different classes for a while but in 2022, the school and parish worked together recruit a new set of Pupil Chaplains. To get this job, children were invited to write a letter saying why they wanted the role and what skills and attributes they possess to enable them to become an effective part of the GIFT team. They were then invited to an interview with Deacon Tim, Mrs Day and Mrs Pascoe. Mrs Van Kroonenburg was also an important part of the interviewing panel in her crucial role as Pupil Chaplain mentor.
What we do as a Pupil Chaplin
We meet every Tuesday with Mrs Van Kroonenburg and share our ideas together about how we, as pupils, can develop the Catholic Life of the school.