St Joseph

St Joseph is our patron saint. He is a great saint who totally loved by faith. He was chosen by God to be Jesus' foster-father and Mary's husband.


He was poor all his life and had to work very hard in his carpenter shop, but he did not mind. Joseph was happy to work for his little family. He loved Jesus and Mary so very much. In the Holy Bible we do not find even one word spoken by St. Joseph, and yet, even without words, he shows his deep faith and trust in the Living God.


Whatever the Lord wanted him to do, St. Joseph did at once, no matter how difficult it was. He was humble and pure, gentle and wise. Jesus and Mary loved him and obeyed him because God had placed him as the head of their family. What a joy for St. Joseph to live with the Son of God himself. Jesus obeyed him, helped him, and loved him.


Dear St Joseph,

Help us to love and care,

To be gentle and fair.

Help us to work and play together,

Help us to live and grow together,

To be always glad to help each other,

Happy in your loving care.