At St. Joseph's we strive to make forgiveness and compassion the hallmarks of our dealings with children, particularly in matters of discipline. Children need to experience love and forgiveness if they are ever to come to know how much God loves and cares for them. 
In fostering positive behaviour in the school, warm and positive communication is central. The school ensures that an environment of positive behaviour supports the children in making the correct choices in terms of attitude and behaviour. Good behaviour and high self-esteem are built by creating success, and then noticing it.

The school has six Golden rules that help make expectations for behaviour explicit:

  • Do be kind and helpful – Don’t hurt peoples’ feelings
  • Do be gentle – Don’t hurt anyone
  • Do listen – Don’t interrupt
  • Do work hard – Don’t waste your or other peoples’ time
  • Do be honest – Don’t cover up the truth
  • Do look after property – Don’t waste or damage things
Download our Behaviour Policy below to find out more. We welcome your views.