Rehoboth Elite Academy


Mary-Jane Butler, who established the charity Widows and Orphans in Rural Kenya (W.O.R.K.), approached us to ask if we would like to link with Rehoboth Elite Academy. We welcomed the chance to develop a link with another school community. We are excited about extending our pupils’ understanding of ‘universal church’ and children’s lives that are different from their own experiences. Rehoboth Academy was built on land donated by an elderly couple. Many of the pupils are orphans. 

We have sent photographs and information about St Joseph’s. Elm class have written letters to the children. We aim to involve all our children in regular correspondence with the pupils at Rehoboth. There is a display of photographs taken by Mary-Jane on her last visit to Kenya, along with more information, outside the office. This Lent, our fundraising efforts will go towards buying the school a water tank. 

W.O.R.K. is a Devon-based, registered ‘not-for-profit’ charity, where every penny raised goes towards their projects. It is dedicated to helping people to become self-sufficient by supporting education, training and healthcare for widows and orphans. W.O.R.K serves the needs of vulnerable adults and children in the Bungoma district of rural Western Kenya, East Africa, an area which is roughly equivalent in size to Devon and Cornwall in the UK. Plymouth Diocese has had a long association with the charity. 

W.O.R.K. is focused on practical and sustainable healthcare and education projects that are simple and effective enough to have a real impact on the lives of orphans and widows. They channel all donations towards a variety of thoroughly researched, practical projects, including: 

• Funding school and university places and educational opportunities for orphans
• Skills and business training for widows and small loans to start a business
• Vocational training and apprenticeship courses for young adults and tool kits for starting work
• Housing homeless families.
• Providing healthcare facilities
• Promoting the prevention of ill-health with education, clean water and skills.
• Providing support for vulnerable individuals and families. 

More information can be found at www.work-kenya.org